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Manta Wanted For Drag Project


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Hi all,

I am looking for a rolling Manta for next drag racing session. I don't want anything rare or in perfect condition (it would be a shame to remove it from the road). The ideal car would be one that is beyond economical repair.

What is required: -

Body work needs to be straight, holes and rust excepted

Engine not needed but would be an advantage (does not need to be running)

Interior not needed

Glass needs to be intact

Gearbox and drive chain needs to be present

Steering in working order

Close to Staffordshire as possible

What will happen to the Manta?

The Manta will be built up to run in the Sportsman ET class to prove the car. Once the car has proven itself, it will upgraded with a new engine (custom built 502ci Chevy big block) gearbox, rear axle and parachute(required for car that exceed 140mph)! The car will then be entered into the PRO ET or Super PRO ET class.

Please help me to show the other teams in these classes that a Manta can either match or beat their Fords and American muscle cars.

Thank you in advance.


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