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Some New Manta A And Ascona A Parts


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I have been having a little clear out of the loft and have found the below. All are new as far as i can see (apart from the coil)

Some im not even sure what they are!! So if your interested in any of the bits PM me and we can sort out a price.


















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Hey Johnboy

the one in the box is an inner manta a one with the flat lense that sits slightly out from the chrome ring, its a hella one. Its absolutly mint and i would have kept it for mine but im going with something different on mine so if you want it how does 15 + postage sound? i would think postage will be about 2/3 pounds. the other two im not sure about as they have the curved lense and im sure they would fit bit im not a manta light expert! they are outers and again are both mint. they are cibi ones. Someone else might be able to help with a bit of info? i can allways test them in the light housing. 10 pounds each + postage on those.


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Hey Alymac

I got them from a guy called Andy Murell, who had quite a few A series cars over the years and worked for vauxhall, he new mark kinnon. And when he sold his last manta he gave me a whole box of bits, some new some second hand and they have been sat in the loft for years. Only just got round to digging them out. How much for the other outer? Im not going to use it on mine as im going with BMW angel eyes ;-) when i work out how to fit them!

But it might be easier to sell a pair rather than just the one.

PM me as i loose track of which things i have posted on! must be getting old :-)


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Im not sure about the part numbers, it might not be the right box i have for it? I just had a box of bits sitting around and am trying to make space in the loft!!

I see your more kadett that manta! most of mine is non standard apart from the main runing gear and extirior. So im allways on the look out for trim parts. think i got a new indicator lense from you?

if your interested, here's a bit on the car.



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