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Hello From Ireland


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can"t remember did i introduce myself ,,,,

john from ireland here,i have a manta 400r which im toying with the idea of selling,t

hinking off holding onto it now,got a few bits off clive on here and kev abbott,looking for a gear bellows for interior can"t seem to order it through opel here for some reason







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Ay up Froggy, thought I recognised the username.

That is one seriously stunning 400 Rep, and with a decent engine to boot. Absolutely loving those wheels to bits mate,

How long have you been putting that together?

Drfinately not the sort of car I would wish to part with though, although I'm sure I saw this advertised recently at a ridiculously cheap price.

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cheers clive,i might want a few other little bits i"ll pm you soon,

its the finishing details that take the time

i was lucky in that i bought it with great bodywork

i bought about 4 cars to finish this one,stripped the goodies and sold the cars again,

worked out good value,

is advertised at the minute,but i"ve had lads ringing asking had it power steering fitted?is it 4 linked?why is there no alloy fuel tank.like wtf is wrong with people.....put me off even talking to them :D :D

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Yes it would be great to see both you and your car at Billing next year!

Don't sell her, she is beautiful :D

Fiona :thumbup

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