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Gte Non Start Problem


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Looking for a bit of advice hopefully,

Fitted a new exhaust manifold to my bog standard Exclusive so had the inlet off as well etc....

Its now back together but won't start so probably disturbed/broken something & not noticed...

The car has fuel,its got a spark but engine just turns over.

It will fire using easy start though.

Used a little gizmo tool to check pulse at injectors & there is power to them although it does appear weak.

The earth is good on the back of the inlet manifold.

Tried a different relay thats located on the offside inner wing as well.

Any ideas of anything I could try?

Thanks in advance



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Got the feed going to the pressure regulator, that's right isn't it?

That'll poss be your problem then, quite a common mistake, lost track of the times I've done it :thumbup

edit... Heck beat me by seconds there to your reply

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