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Opel Manta R6


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Hey Manta fans.Greetings from ESTONIA.

Got this Manta about few months back.Big works has done with bodywork and painting.In back there is a Senator A axle with discs,the bolt pattern is 5x120.The engine is from the Omega 3000(Carlton gsi?).The box is from the Senator A again 5speed manual Getrag.Why I started this topic is because I am from Estonia and we dont have much Mantas in here left and I bought this car as a half way project and I need alot of info and help from you guys.










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Hi and welcome. I really like your car, the colour scheme is just right and the wheels look cool. I used to run the same engine in my A Series manta a few year's ago. There are loads of people on here who will be more than willing to help you solve any manta problems you may encounter. :D

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Saloon is big zero.Got these Recaros from Zafira OPC


Little testing


Then I win a pair of these from ebay UK



Because of the rhd manta frontlights I bought bmw e30 prefacelift frontlights and had to fit them in :)




And my major problem is that my car doesnt have sunroof seal.What I can put there?

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groupfotosbmwmanta050.jpghi there love it ?reminds me of my old 1 in basic form without to many mods , like the wheels .iam looking at doing the same mods with the bmw lights aswell. cheers steve 24v owner Edited by cop
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