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New Manta Owner From Sa

Joe Slow

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My name is Johannes and im from South Africa. Brought an Opel Manta and it is being delivered on Wednesday. It is 90% original apart from the steering wheel and paint. Its a vinyl top 1900E as far as I know. Will confirm that when the car is delivered. Needs some work as the previous owner started the project for a rotary conversion. Has some rust like all mantas but really not as bad as iv seen on some on this forum. All the bits and pieces is in a bag in the car. Badges, wipers etc etc. Bonnet isnt rusted through...Just thin layer....Need to get that sanded and primed to prevent further rust. Not near the ocean and our climate is dry in the Free State sohope that stops further rusting.

Wil post up more pics soon when I start a build thread!






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Hello and welcome B)

Nice to see another worthy to save A series :) Looks great.

Regarding your thoughts on the original parts on the car, i can tell you that steering wheel is not original item. The interior of the car has been redone at some time too. The complete interior of the car is not original (seats front and rear + door and rear side covers). May be original seats that has just gotten new cloth though. The extra 3 dials belong in either a 1,9SR (rally) or a GT/E. Your car is not originally a GT/E as they where not made with those chrome parts around the windows etc. On a GT/E theese are black.

If your engine is a 1,9E (very early Bosch injection) it is good for 105bhp and it is a really nice engine.

I suspect that at some time this was originally a Berlinetta due to the vinyl roof and that someone has taken parts from a GTE (engine, gearbox, fueltank etc) and then made the car look really nice with new custom interior.

But the car looks extremely nice, and could end up as a real show winner B) Great cars to work on those A series :)

Good luck with your project :thumbup

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