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Manta A Roof Headliner Make Your Own?

Joe Slow

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My Manta is being delivered tonight and while I went to check it out before buying I noticed that the headliner is really messed up. Teared and hanging from the roof. So I searched on google and on here and on Youtube and basically everywhere but could not find one site that actually shows you how to build a new headliner from scratch! Iv seen some straight type liners but as you know the manta has those bubble type curves with the seams. I cant pay $170 on e-bay for one. thas what I payed for the car! Any help especially pics or links to videos would be appreciated. To put in new insulating is no problem its just how to make the vinyl liner part. Also heard for best results one has to remove all windows?

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I made my own. Doesnt look great, but I'd do it again (now I know what not to do!)

Basically I levelled the inside of the roof with soundproofing and spray glued headliner to it (I used fabric rather than vinyl). Start at the middle and work outwards. Be very careful and patient trimming it. If you cut it so its slightly over sized you can tuck the edges into the window trim.

Only thing is it will show up every contour and bump so you need to make sure its as flat as possible. (Front windscreen was in, all other windows were out. It was bulldog clipped in place before I started glueing it.)




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Hi there. I had roof liner made from leatherette( fake). It's off my car at moment so if you wanted measurements or template from it would be no hassle. It fits pretty tight I have original bars sewn in so can pull it tight. I could Mark it out on old bed sheet (clean one ) if you like. Stick it in post in jiffy bag. No hassle. Tooler.

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