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Wilwood 4 Pots.


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I got mine from Rally Design, but to cut a long story short the mounting brackets were completely wrong and I had them re-made correctly. They gave me some discount but they wouldn't believe me that they were badly made until I sent them loads of pictures, the guy said that he had sold 6 pairs this year and 8 last year and never had any complaints. Maybe people fitted them without checking them, the callipers were hitting the top arm and were not central to the disc or to the hub for that matter. There are some on ebay at the moment but these have different callipers to mine. I think the discs will be single peace. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Chevette-Manta-Wilwood-Brake-Kit-Superlit-4Pot-/290583330051?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item43a81dbd03#ht_2387wt_1199

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hi sorry to hijack your thread

are there any issuses running larger calipers/discs if i were to use a bias pedal box without a servo?

what set ups are you all using ?

cheers brian

I'm running a bias pedal box and have been for a few years now and had no problems. It is a little different than running with a servo but I think you get more feel without a servo. The only thing is you can run different master cylinder sizes depending on what callipers you are using, also if your running discs on the rear too. I think you are supposed to workout which master cylinders you are supposed to use by measuring the fluid in the callipers but I didn't and went with the ones my rally mate suggested.

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Ive got the 315 superlites on mine had them on for well over 10 years now I run them alongside a willwood biasbox and they stop to well Ive got enduro mintex pads the system works very well but they do need to be warm.

I got mine from rallydesign also and had issues witht eh mount brackets I was told it was becouse it was a new kit I also re-made my mounts and like yourself got a refund I also re-made the bells as at speed had issues with the alloy one that was supplied this I also made a new one of.

One last thing you may want to invest in a dial gauge and magnetic base to set them up true and elminate any wobble also get the stronger pad retainers to stop any pad slap.


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