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'84 Manta Gte - Front Spotlight Location


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Has anyone got a good front view pic of the '2up/2down' Manta spotlights?

I have these brackets, but they can fit in 1 of 3 locations. Mainly, I need to know......

1. Where does the bracket pass through.....one of the radiator cooling slots or the gap between the bumper and the front panel?

2. How far in from the headlamps do the spotlights fit?


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so does the strap go back onto the cross member that's in front of the radiator?

The scoop on the bonnet off a De-Tomaso means that pic was taken in 1995, can't remember where a bolt was 18 years ago

If I had to guess it goes onto the plate on the top of the rail, but easy enough to rest in place to see.

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