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Sheffield Area Evening Meet On January 5Th


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Another good meeting up at Dronfield,

Dill turned up in his new car... Only a bloody great Monaro. I thought he'd have bought something boring and Diesel powered, so I was more than impressed by his new car. I'll give him a month before he's modified it and he's off to the Nurburgring to have a go at his previous lap times. This Monaro looks really tidy and you should hear the exhaust note! Get those Catalysts chopped out Paul.

We had another new face turn up tonight, a lad called Joel who's from Dronfield and has only owned his Manta for a few weeks. He's new to Mantas and owns a really tidy Gold 1800 Berlinetta GT Hatch. This Berlinetta is a really late one, on an E plate which I've not seen before. I thought the later cars were all Exclusives? Anyway, he's bought a really good car with solid body and good paintwork and he's using this as his daily drive ( good lad ). The car looks pretty standard, apart from Yellow tinted headlamps and Beige GTE Recaros to match the GT trim. Joel is into his Retro cars and also owns a rare Peugeot 205 GTI 1900 and has owned mainly FWD hot hatches before the Manta. He also knows of another Coupe B in Dronfield with a Red Top conversion and says he'll try to contact the owner to see if he'll come along.

Mick also came across from Barnsley in his new van. This Caddy's 150 BHP from the factory and for another £300 or so, can be chipped to 210! That's Sierra Cosworth power, in a van without even taking a spanner to the engine ( it's not fair ) Mick brought me a really good Exclusive rear bumper over for my Manta. It's nice and straight and has no splits or cracks in it. I've already taken it to be painted along with the Mint Exclusive Coupe rear spoiler he got for me, Both my New old Stock Irmscher Sideskirts I got from Germany and both my New old stock Irmscher Headlamp cowels that came free with my car.

The Ascona's also gained a new Opel rear bumper this month, courtesy of Alymac on here. He even had a brand new bumper fitting kit that has done away with the need to refit all the scabby old bolts, washers and brackets. Cheers Aly, He's also got me a new Windscreen for the Ascona, again New old Stock Opel. I'm waiting until summer to fit this as I'll be cringing next month when I'm scraping ice off it, to go to work. Aly's got a load of clips and bits and bobs and has found me a couple of those tiny rivets out that secure the Manta's door check straps to the A.pillars. Guess what... Genuine Opel old stock parts again. Where the hell does he get this stuff from? Anyway, I'm off now to get excited about thirty year old rivets, bumper clips and empty Opel parts bags in my garage that I can't seem to chuck away for some reason... Maybe I need to get out more... Luke...( Phwoar, New Old Stock, Gimme gimme )

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Heyup Luke

I had another result yesterday. A nice chap came and bought the white 78 coupe to make in to a drag racer, it's going to end up with a 6 ltr big block in it, should be fun, cleaned me out of most of my spares too, sods law says I'll need summat that ive let go but hey hoe most of the stuff hasn't seen the light off day in years, watching some tasty carbs on eBay at the mo now I've got abit of money burning a hole in my back pocket

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