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Surplus To Requirments

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I have two engines that are surplus to requirments and to be honest they are in the bloody way

First is a 2.0E CIH motor. all i can tell you about this one is it complete in that its block, head and all inturnals but no exterior fittings like manifolds, alternator etc. It came to me as part of a job lot of spares so i have no clue as to its state inside or even if its seized.

Second is a bit of a parts bin special. Its a 1.8 engine but has a 2.0 block with 1.8 head and cam. Again this came to me in a job lot and before anyone asks all the good 1.8 parts have long gone.

No idea what its like inside but might be handy for spares. It does still have both manifold, clutch & flywheel.

if anyone want these they are more than welcome to come and collect but i really do need them gone in the next few weeks, if no one wants them i'll weight them in



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