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86' Gt/e Coupe


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I bought this car at the end of October with plans to restore and redtop it, though due to not only my travel needs for university but also my studying the manta has to go :(

I first saw the car in this thread.


I had a long detailed conversation with Paul over the phone about the condition of the car a few days before I went to see it (it was a 500 mile round trip).

The car has been garaged for 2 months (sorned) and has been driven by me for around 3 weeks, I've covered around 550-600 miles in the time I've had it (that includes bringing it back from Newquay).

Tax till October

Mot till October

around 54 500 miles (will increase slightly)

new dizzy cap, arm, fuel filter, leads (in the post).

it's got avo roadsport springs n shocks (£440 new) they've been on the car for a week :(

I've got practically a whole front end which the grille and crossmember can be salvaged from, for free.





I'll be sad to see it go but I just haven't got the time or the money to do a good job of restoring it.

Paul reckoned it was worth £1500 a couple of months ago as stated in that thread link, with the suspension and the little bits n bobs I've got plus the front end I'm giving away with it I'd like somewhere in the range of £1900 for it.

P.S car runs sweetly but may have a problem with the dizzy shaft or a connector. Details are in the thread below.


Or make me an offer, the worst I can say is no.



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