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Sold - 1988 Exclusive Coupe - No Sunroof!

monaco manta

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Currently advertised on Pistonheads. Price now reduced from £5500 to £4000. This car is a steal at this price. I has been in many a Manta Magic over the years I have had her. Did not attend Billing for the last 2 years due to my poor health, but for the 2 years previous to that got 3rd prize. Link to pistonheads http://www.pistonhea...eds/3522148.htm

I have a multitude of other photos available. This car has been kept as original as possible. It has sat in the garage (eithout starting) since the end of August (I put 6 months tax on it at the end of Sept, and that is still sitting in my kitchen on the cark board at the moment!). My partner went round to bring the battery home for a boost and she started OK, if a little slowly. Battery is currently on charge at home. Weather (and traffic) providing as we live within 1 mile of the notorious Sadler's Farm roundabout roadworks I will get him to give her a run this weekend.

I would prefer she goes to a true Manta enthusiast who is likely to keep her in the same condition.


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hi yes i can back val up with the condition of this car and is a definate steal at the price she is asking personally i shall be gutted for her to see it go as i can remember her originally buying it . also i shall be gutted as that will probably leave me as the only manta owner in this area (boo hoo) god knows where they have all gone!

no seriously this is a good nice solid original car that will give the new owner many hours driving pleasure best wishes and good luck with the sale val.

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Glad you managed to sell her Val, it was a stunning car. I wish you well, and hope you can keep in with your Manta fix every now and then. It's been a long time!

Still hoping to get mine back on the road this year, so have re-joined the club as encouragement to do so! Maybe catch up sometime, possibly at Billing if I decide to go!

ATB, Dave

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