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Freebies Towbar, 2Pot Calipers, Hatch Tank Etc

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I've been having a tidy up today and have come across some bits i an fed up of moving and tripping over.

Don't have a use for them and thought someone else might.

A hatchback fuel tank (carbed version) in good conditon, no leaks or rusty bits.

the breather pipes could do with replacing but apart from that all good. Down to 1900SR

Also have a Coupe towbar and brace, no towball on it but might have it somewhere

Next is a pair of 2 pot calipers for solid discs, with braided steel flexy's.

The calipers will need a rebuild, they were on a car that had stood for 10years. Down to Blitzi

An engine bay wiring loom for headlight wipers including the relay

And finally a hatchback tailgate in white, complete apart from lock no rust on the outside a little showing on the inside but not holed.

Everything is free for collection from Harrogate N,Yorks

I can post the calipers and wiper loom at whatever it costs if anyone wants them

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Great, how much of a rush is there to get it? Next planned trip your way is the sping bash in March but if you need it gone sooner I'm sure I could arrange it.

No, as long as i know someone wants it i can find somewhere to keep it for you.

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I might have the coupe towbar off you..... depending if I can get up there/how far away you are etc etc.

Let me know, don't mind holding for a while.

Would be interested in the headlight washer wiring loom / relay.

If you can find out how much postage wud be to N Ireland, second class wud do...

Cheers Brian

I'll check what it weighs and let you know

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