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Manta With Redtop - 2000Rpm Tickover - Auxilliary Air Valve


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Having recently transplanted a C20XE redtop into my Manta (see http://forums.mantac...oupe-barn-find/ )

it's ticking over at 2000rpm.

Knowing the auxiliary air valve (under the inlet manifold) is the common culprit, I removed it, applied 12v straight from a battery charger and sure enough it was seized shut. 15min of WD40 and brake cleaner and all was well - I could switch on/off the charger and watch the slider open & close.

Thinking all was well I refitted it, but still ticking over at 2000rpm??

I removed it again and checked it on the charger.....still switching no problem.

I then checked the power at the terminals of the wiring harness connector - 12v available. When connected, the valve (very quietly) buzzes but wont open, its as though there is power, but not enough to open it.

With 12v at the connector, its unlikely to be an ECU problem? Even though the unit it switching perfectly using the battery charger, I'm wondering if its still dodgy when connected to the car?

I've proven the problem definitely lies with the Aux Air Valve, as I can clamp the hose closed at the air filter end and the tickover drops to a perfect 900rpm,,

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

ps, also changed the engine temp sensor, so not that

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