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16V Red Hatch

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This has just popped up on the bay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290661993925


Looks tidy in the pics, although there's a bit of messy wiring in the engine bay and the ecu is behind the headlight (Ecu's in engine bays is a pet hate of mine)

Be interesting to see if it sells at that price, might spur me on to finish building my 16v coupe and sell it.

Oh and its not far from me if anyone wants a second opinion before traveling to see it.

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I sold this as it is about 18 months ago for £1300.The bloke I sold it to sold it on ebay about 6 months ago I think it went for £1500.I fully rebuilt the engine and did loads of welding in the usual places.The only bits left to do were bottom of the rear valance and it had a couple of bubbles next to the sunroof.Good solid car.

I wouldn't pay 3k for it though

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