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No Current To The Coil, Voltage Stabiliser?


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Hi again

I've read in the haynes' book that by removing the distributor cap central lead from (with the other end still attached to the coil) and hold it close to the engine block while turning the ignition key I should be getting a spark/arc.. however nothing seems to be happening when I do the above..

thus, do I have a continuity problem/ breal in the system between the ignition barrel and the coil? (the LT circuit)

Could I have fried the voltage stabiliser by welding the footwell behind the pedal assebly?

any ideas?

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Voltage stabilisers die all the time randomly so no way of telling.

Alo voltage stabiliser has nothing to do with whether you have spark or not.

You need a test lamp to test the live feed to the coil.

Plus testing it while cranking proves nothing. Why? Because during cranking the coil is fed +12 from the starter (at least if you have points and maybe if you have electronic - forget)l.

When not cranking, if their are two wires in a terminal on that side of the coil, a translucent yellow and a black, then the black is +12 ehile cranking and the yellow is a resistance wired so it get something less under normal running to reduce points wear.

Test the feeds with a test lamp or multimeter before you even think of testing the coil.

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