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Manta 400 Kit On Ebay

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In case anyone is looking to buy a 400 kit have a look at the one on ebay from VRS. I just bought the kit from Martin and I'm in no way an expert on kits (I was one of the idiots that bought an M99 kit before I seen what was said on here about them, luckily got my money back tho) but I tried one of the wings on and it fits better than a glove!

The kit is solid and looks the business. Martin said he got original moulds from Germany back in the day.

Now im off to ask Martin for my commision for talking up his kit lol.

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Martin's manta kits are spot on. We see him pretty regularly as he is local to us, and I would not use anything else on a manta 400 replica.

The kits are either from moulds taken from the irmscher moulds, or from them directly (its not really etiquette to ask when we're in business too!) but they have the original ID impressions in them!!

A bit of flatting and tidying work is really all they take, as good as you'll get anywhere

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