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One Caliper Piston

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Oddly enough I just mentioned Bigg Red in a post on here last night.

Basically Bigg Red do a damn good service for enthusiasts, price for a single piston doesn't really sound too bad, unfortunately you are going to need four of these on the early twin pot calipers, but who else is supplying brake parts for 40 year old calipers.

Brakes int. have them for sale at £14.42 per piston, less VAT and delivery, and VAT on the delivery.

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Its a tricky one!

We're now selling on ebay, certainly until we get our own webshop up and running, but it is a flipping expensive place to sell low value items!! We have to add a good chunk to smaller items to make any profit at all if we sell them on ebay. This is why with the panels that we have for sale we can do cheaper prices direct away from ebay.

The market for those calipers is pretty small as well, as the only folks using them are original concours cars really now, otherwise a brake upgrade to something more modern (that works at modern speeds!) is a very wise option!!!

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