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This Looks Nice

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I agree does look very nice and straight.

Unless they took the head rests out for photos? I thought the GLS came with them, because it has the Rev Counter dash, my old Cav GLS had them fitted.

If as good as the photos must be worth the asking price ONO.

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Looks like a lovely motor. Think '79 might have been a changeover year, my '77 GLS coupe doesn't have headrests, but the '79 GLS Sportshatch on a V plate that I scrapped a few years back did.

I think this one's been for sale for a while though, and the only Cav I've ever seen make that sort of money was Deano's red 2.2 coupe up in Scotland a while ago. Personally I'd love to see the seller get good money for it, if it had the Opel badges he'd have no problem I'm sure!

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It's amazing how these cars keep turning up, there must be many more around than we thought there was, and the condition of some of them is outstanding. One member remarked the other day how many were for sale on Ebay, atthe moment. I wonder if one day we will see one that is in as new condition, like never turned a wheel since it came off the production line, like these dinkey toys are advertised sometimes " Never even been out of it's box" nothing would surprise me any more.

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