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Saying Hello From Ireland


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Hi all! I have been on here as a guest for a while and as a forum member since January. Some of the Irish members might know me from Totalopel.com I don't have a Manta but from your point of view I have the next best thing, a GT*3, the Mantas older brother and the mantas younger brother, a 92 Calibra. I mainly like following the project threads as they help motivate me with my own project. So here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.


My driver at the moment. Its a 72 GT which is close to standard. It needs a little work but it is the only one that is legal for the road at the moment.


I am working on this 73 GT at the moment. It is getting a bare metal resto. Keeping it standard thought the temptation to go retro is strong, I have to resist. I only got it at the very end of last year. I have started the strip down but it is not going to be a fast project. I would like to have it painted by the end of the summer, but if I don't it doesn't matter.


I also picked this up with the black GT as a parts car. The body is in such good condition that it is not going to be used for parts. I plan to go all out on this car some day. The ideas for this might be Saab 204/234 turbo power and possibly BMW E30 325 box and rear end. This build is so far away this could change though. I have also found out recently that this yellow GT is tha 1st GT I saw in the metal in my younger days and got me longing for one. That was about 25 years ago.

That is all for now. I'm looking forwarsd to enjoying the forum.


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