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I am going to try install eaton compressor on my opel manta b gsi 20cih engine. I would like to know is here any chips for these old ecu? Maybe someone has made this on your own opel? I would like to know how it is effective on this 2.0 engine

Also how much hp can keep this stock engine parts?

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Hi mate.

Yeah i have seen it done a couple of times with various results. First off the original ECU cannot be made to do what you want it to. Its a analog device and not digital so it has no software. Its just a bunch of resistores and components that work by simple mathematics.

If you dont need that much power, simply changing the injectors to more suited ones will work fine. You can also get a vaacum controlled fuel pump regulator so the pressure rises as the engine revs rises.

All of this is however not optimal. The best system i have seen used was a piggyback system with some extra injectors mounted in the plenum of the original injection system. This however also has it limitations.

If i was you i would really consider bying a Megasquirt ECU and wire that up to the rest of the engine. This will also make use of the Airbox a thing of the past as its not required. This will also allow you to make a very good and precise ignition system as the original simply is not precise enough to cope with pressurized engines.

So alot of choices really, but as said IMO only one thats really good :rolleyes:

Regarding power output you should not go for more than max 160hp on a stock engine. If you get hold of a turbo head gasket (aftermarket ones that holds up alot better) you should be able to achieve 180 hp. A mate of mine has a turbocharged Ascona B series with a stock 2,0 engine. He has bought a very expensive Wolf 3D ECU system and everything is controlled by this. The turbocharger is also quite expensive, but the engines are just stock units. He has a turbo head gasket that can be re-used and the engines holds up for about a year. Then they break and he changes to a new old stock 2,0 engine and puts all the stuff on that engine instead. He makes around 220hp and around 250hp with overboost program. But the engine mangement is one of a kind and he runs different programs, like a "normal" driving program that is alot more friendly towards the engine.

If he was running a piggyback or a lesser engine mangement system i am sure that he would have to change engines at every 4-6 months.

And what i am trying to say here is that the CIH engines are not good for turbo or supercharging as stock units (is any NA engine good to charge on as a stock unit?)

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I am putting megasquirt on my audi at this time so it is a little bit expensive for me for two MS :mellow: I think another choise is remove out electric injection system and put two carbs and then is possible to regulate it with compressed air. But I am still looking how much power this engine can sustain with stock inside

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