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Cavalier Sporthatch 1600L


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Here for sale is my 1981 Vauxhall Cavalier Sporthatch 1600GL.

The current millage is Circa 86,000m.

The Car is availible to view in Derby.

I bought this car last around last may from a forum member on here [Come and get her back Will] and used it through the summer and attended a few shows, I have now come to the decision to sell on the car to someone who can appreciate her more fully.

I originally saw the car for sale and just fell in love with it despite never having any affection toward Vauxhalls before! Upon viewing the car I was shocked to find its overall condition better than I had imagined or it had been described, I used the car through the summer as I travel to work by push bike it didn’t get abused in the daily commute just for pleasure.

The car gains massive amounts of attention wherever it goes!

The car is in very good overall condition however I will be honest and say she does need a little attention to the body work to tidy her up, Both front wings and the front valance require repair or more likely replacement. The front panels are currently availible through Retropower. The interior is good overall though there is slight, And I do mean slight cracking to the dash top and the drivers seat requires recovering or replacing

She was MOT,d in September and required two spots of welding which I had done and advisories that the suspension springs and tyres are beginning to perish which is surley a good thing as I think she needs hit with the lowering stick anyway!

These cars are renowned for chassis rot which this car is free off, The swan necks and floor are in excellent shape.

The car comes with an Opel sport steering wheel and some spares from the previous owner.

During my tenure I have replaced the misserable Nikki carb it came with for a Genuine weber with K and N filter and replaced the points system with a brand new electronic ignition pack and uprated coil, I have also given the engine bay a good scrub.

Why am I selling? To be honest I never expected to find the car in such good condition and this is the sticking point for me! I wanted something to lower stick some rims on and maybe drop a red top into and do some drifting/track days.

The car is not perfect do not get me wrong, But I feel if she has managed to survive 30 years the way she is who am I to mess with her!! I don’t really have the space and time to start the restoration work she requires as I also have A vw T4 van and I have just bought a track slag 325i to abuse.

I would rather be drivin' than fixin' at the mo due to restricted space money and time.

I would trully love to see this car go to a caring owner who will modify it sympathetically or restore her back to showroom condition

The price reflects the condition of the car, The highly unreliable "How many left" website says there are but seven sporthatches on the road.

I would like 1175 pounds for the car with the tax left on and a pair of engleman copy mirrors thrown in.

Im not interested in any part exchanges as reall I have 2 too many vehicles for some one who travels mainly by bicycle!

Contact me at stuartjkennedy@yahoo.co.uk or 07960 445852.

Many Thanks





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Well it could be back up for sale if its the same car.

This time with a dealer for £1795


I believe it sold on Flea bay about 6 weeks or so ago for about £1000 or slightly less which was about its value.

I wonder if the dealer has done any work to it before putting it up for sale

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