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Manta 1.9 Berlinetta


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My Opel Manta 1.9 Berlinetta Auto is now up for sale.

Here are some details.

She is a 1976 P reg Opel Manta Berlinetta. I bought here from an Opel Manta/Ascona specialist Drew in January last year, the car had been bought off Fleabay by him after being in storage for 17 years.

She was in a sorry state but was a sound car with a possible low mileage of 57,000 miles.

I bought her for £1000 then have spent a further £1600 on her to get her to the condition shown in the pictures.

The following work has been carried out.

Swan neck chassis legs replaced, Jacking points repaired/rewelded, small patch welded in rear of offside sill, all of underside of the car rustproofed,both doors replaced,bonnet boot lid, roof, doors, rear offside wing resprayed due to paint defects.

Front brakes refurbished, rear brake shoes replaced, nearside rear wheel cylinder replaced, brake master cylinder replaced, rear shockers replaced, Radiator replaced, front & rear crankshaft oil seals replaced,door seals replaced, new leads plugs dizzy cap etc. replaced the carpeted rear shelf, replaced the rear lights. New Manta SR boot transfer fitted, replaced the steering wheel with a Manta SR wheel, 4 brand new tyres with refurbished Rostyle wheels, new centre console, repaired the sunroof mechanism & fitted new sunroof seal, new chrome inserts around the front & rear screen seals, new offside steering rack gaitor, washer bottle replaced.

The rear archs are excellent, front wings & valance rust free.

The interior is in good condition but the original wood effect has been removed from the door cards.

What are the bad points I here you ask,

well the front wings, nosecone, & nearside rear wing are a slight shade difference & have some paint defects (micro blistering) due to a reaction to the base primer when the car must have been sprayed some twenty years ago.

There is a very small rust blister on the nearside rear wing (pictured)

The headlight wash wipe dosn't work.

There is a slightly noisy propshaft centre bearing (new bearing supplied) spare auto box (44,000 miles) supplied with the car.

There is some minor bubbling around the sunroof aperture.

The car originally had a black vinyl roof which for originallity should be replaced.

Brand new MOT just put on with no adviseries

If she sells for £1950 then I will put 6 months tax on so she can be driven away.

She is IMO a stunning looking early Manta B thats now 36 years old even though she's an auto you can still spin the rear wheels on a damp road & she's surprisily quick for an old girl.

The reason I am sellling is a freind who has a Manta i've wanted for some time has now agreed to sell it to me other than that I would keep her & carry on with the improvements.

She was only used as a show/weekend car last year covering just 800 miles











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Beautifull car ;)

Would dearly love to bring this to Australia, same colour as my Dads 78 Ascona SR Berlina (Amber Gold?)

Great exchange rate atm to! (well for us :) )

Hey there, are you saying you have an Ascona B in Aus? Coupe or sedan? We have an OpelForum in NZ, with several members around Australia if you want to look in and join us sometime? www.opelforum.org.nz

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Nah sorry dont have an Ascona here in OZ, dad owned it new back in the UK

Constantly checking eBay gumtree etc just on the off chance something comes up, so far have only found a 3.5 Rover V8 Manta hatch in Adelaide a few years back, and a Manta A on ebay a few months back..

Mrs said I could buy this one if I want it....which I do....but have 5 vehicles at my house atm!.

Can have this landed in Australia for $6000 bargain really

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