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C20Xe Manta - Where My Oil Leaking From?


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Hello all,

My Manta rebuild & conversion is nearly complete ( see : http://forums.mantac...oupe-barn-find/ )

but a pretty substantial oil leak has appeared at the back on the engine.

Here's how it happened.....

I rebuilt the engine and it was leak free. However, I was then working at the front of the car and had it jacked up very high, so the car was sitting at a steep angle. A few minutes after starting it at this angle oil started dripping out the back on the sump.

With the engine at such a steep angle, the oil has been high at the rear of the engine and I'm guessing the increased volume of oil has popped a seal....which one though?

1. Sump gasket

2. Crank shaft oil seal (flywheel)

3. The joint between the 2 block sections at the rear of the engine

When I start the engine after about 2 minutes a small stream of oil appears at the top lip of the sump, directly in the middle (back) of the engine. Because of the close proximity to the flywheel its impossible to tell where its coming from?

Any ideas?

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Sounds like rear main oil seal. At normal level the oil in the sump is just below this so with the front jacked up high i would say its flooded the seal.

Before pullying it apart clean the oil leak of and start the car again on a level surface and see if it is still leaking, if not then leave alone.



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Cheers Andy,

Thats what I'm thinking.

Yep, definitely still leaks. I actually drove it on the road for the first time on Friday night...loads of oil leaking!!

Pull the box out this week and fit another seal. Very annoying and totally avoidable!!

Thank again

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