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Hi Everyone From Devon

kadett b man

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hi guys

i don't have a manta, but do have a kadett b coupe and a kadett city sr. the city, i am planning on leaving totally standard, as there are only 3 rhd left on the road. the B, i am planning on uprating everything, i have recently acquired a getrag, and 2 manta 1800's. 1 inj, 1 carb. so i have joined here for tips on the engine departmant and possibly suspension too.

1st question. How much power can i get out of an 1800?

cheers Elliot




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The Cav II SRi and the Astra GTE in 1.8 form had differences in their 1.8 SOHC engines, as I believe they had a higher CR and a different Camshaft.

If yu have a Manta 1.8 with the Astra/Cav injection system bolted onto it I think you are gonna be looking at about 105BHP The Cav and Astra 1.8 GTE/SRi had 115 BHP as standard before adding free flow air filters gas flowed heads and performance exhausts etc.

will go to say though I'm a big fan of the GM ohc 8 valve engine, lovely lightweight free revving engine, easy to install and responds well to cheap tuning techinques.

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i do want to put a redtop in the kadett. my dad actually has a blydenstein dev' block with cossie pistons, and an allen steel crank, we have a coscast and will probably develop the engine to about 200+ bhp. My uncle has an 2 HS's, one standard, and in need of total resto, and one he bought as a shell, that he's going to redtop. My dad has sportshatch (snoopy, not cav) hs, viva estate x2. and had countless gte's. so to say we are a fan of gm is an understatement. (as i'm sure you guys understand)

But they say my kad' b is too rare to cut up, ie transmission tunnel, frontanel etc. because there are less than 10 on the road. I however argue that if it wasn't for me, the kadett b would still be in the barn rotting, and wouldn't be loved like it will now.

and am hoping to take the city to billing this year

Cheers guys!

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