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Tax Exempt Manta A Series


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Due to unforseen circumstances, I need to sell my Tax Exempt A Series manta. It is currently on sorn and has no mot. The last mot ran out in July 2011. I have checked the car over and the only fault ( MOT wise) is that the washer pump has packed up. I have replaced it with a new one, but it still doesn't work, so there is a bad connection somewhere as it all worked when it was last used. The car now has the 2.0 GT/E engine fitted, 5 speed box and a shortened linkage so that the gearstick comes through the original hole in the floor and therefore still looks original. The car underwent a full restoration winter '10, but could do with a respray as it was only a quick blowover just to get the car on the road with a complete respray planned for summer this year. The interior has a split on the drivers seat and the rear seat backrest has split along the top - currently covered with black duct tape. The car comes with two rolls of black moldable car carpet as the originals have long gone and been replaced with some temporary ones. The car is in no means concours condition but is still nevertheless in good condition. It has nearly new tyres and excellent lights. The cars resoration is in the projects section under "Pile of rust to manta a "

I am open to serious offers and am based in Cannock.

Please call 07886 196 343 or pm if you want pics.

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I have had quite a few enquiries regarding my a series and to re-iterate "Open to serious offers" means make me an offer if you are genuinely interested, you may be pleasantly surprised. I want the car to go to an omoc member rather than on ebay to someone who will end up writing it off etc. So come on guys, make me an offer, I need it gone asap . :)

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For £1500, that a rearly good buy. yes it does need a little TLC , but all the hard work has been done. It is a solid shell and will need no welding for quite a few years yet. :)

Even the swan necks needed no welding.

As Kev said above, pics can be found in the project thread http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/24700-the-big-manta-a-project-pile-of-rust-to-manta-a/

If you are looking for an Manta A, then I would go and cheak this car out. Bargin at £1500 :o



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