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Frontera 2.4 Head Bolt Socket Size?


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Hey Chris

Thats good to know, so just use the ones i took out of the 2.0l head? they are the star drive head.

I did drop you a message, as youcan probably tell from this post the 2.4 arrived on friday afternoon. i went to take the head off an discovered they are one of those new shape heads on the bolts from the 2.4. Is there a good way to get themout without having to buy a drive just for them? especialy if im not going to need to re-use them.

I took the spark plugs out and they look a good color, so i just need to get the head off and see what condidtion the valves and pistons are like now and then i can start theswap over. Do you know where i can get the camshaft bearings from? kent have all the springs, lifters etc.. instock so i will be geting those ready to rebuild the head and have found some new rings and main bearing for the block so will get those soon as well.


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Don't buy anything until you have the engine apart. The 2.4 are notorious for wearing the bores at the top as i have mentioned to you previously, if that is the case the pistons will usually be scrap as well. Wossner pistons are the replacement to go for.

Not sure where to get cam bearings from other than Risse, they should be available here but i dont know where. Also they need line boring so you need somewhere that can do that. Dont replace unless you really have to.

Where did you find the mains from and how much are they?

I have found that most engines have very little wear to the bottom ends so make sure that you know which bearings go where as they tend to be fine for road use. I only replace mine due to the fact that the engines are race motors.

Take the pistons out of the bores and check the top ring groove there should be a max of 0.1mm gap between the piston and ring, they do wear quite badly on the 2.4.

Just buy a cheap kit with the torx bit in it'll undo 10 bolts.

Yep just use the 2.0 ones.



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Hi Chris

I was going to go for a complete strip down and look at how things are before buying anything. The oil is very black so i dont think it was changed that often!

Montza sent me these links for rings and bearings



I was thinking about changing any bits i could while its all apart, and was going to sell my head to help fund it. What do you think it would be worth without the cam?


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