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Volvo 4 Pots


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I bought these from another member last year, but have decided on a different set-up.

They had been reconditioned* by other member, with all pipe fittings, pads, and bolts to suit Manta B front brake set-up, (with correct discs to suit....... not supplied)

I will post up pictures if anyone is interested (Monday earliest). I payed £150 so I am looking at a near offer plus P&P for them

Thanks for looking. Calipers located in Lincolnshire or can be brought to the NW around Warrington/Wigan area and some places inbetween.


* I cannot verify the recondition as I never fitted them and tested them myself

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hello only just seen this. im in cumbria.

when i posted the above comment someone pm'ed me offering me a brand new pair for £100. but later sold them from under me because i hadnt been online for a few days!

Are you still interested in these, they come with pads that are nearly new and very good pipework to fit staraight on to Manta, with the mounting bolts aswell.

Can you Pm me postcode etc, and when I get back next week I will box and work out price of delivery, if it's worth the cost to me.

If you are PayPal'ing them I would prefer no charges at my end.


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I used the xr4 x 4 discs and as I remember the centre hole didn't need opening up.

The cosworth 2wd discs I have and I have on the bench need the centre opening out.

I used standard pads , the calipers needed the casting grinding very slightly to remove flash to allow the disc to fit.

Think I spaced them back by 2mm with a washer

Yea you need to drill 4x98 pcd for the disc to mount on the back.

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