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C20Xe Personalised Plug Covers


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Hi lads,

Long time member here.

Ive designed and developed a new personalized C20XE plug cover that is CNC machined from cast acrylic. A couple of months back I created a few prototypes and sent them to a few guys in the totalopel.com forum to get a review of them. They were well happy with them!

The material is 3mm cast acrylic and after the shape is laser cut the logo is then CNC etched onto the surface. The plug cover is a perfect fit and the sale will include two m6 allen button head set screws. I would also like to say that this product, although being pretty strong, would not be as tough as the original plastic plug covers. Im just being honest!

The most popular are shown below. The first is a red cover with the Opel blitz etched in.

The second is a carbon fibre effect cover with the Opel Blitz etched in. This is a little more expensive as the raw material is more expensive to purchase.

The third is then two samples of personalized ones that can be done. I can supply pretty much any standard color with any logo on it as long as the logo has a decent quality resolution.


Also (as you can see from the photos) it sits into the recess of the rocker cover - you can fit 5mm spacers/washes if you wish to rise the plug cover up. I personally prefer it sitting inside the recess.

Prices are as follows.

All prices include postage to anywhere in GB. Please note that postage and packaging could be as much as 10 pounds. (Im from Southern Ireland)

Standard color with no logo 22 pounds

Red cover with Opel Blitz 24 pounds

Carbon Fibre effect Cover with Opel blitz 35 pounds

Carbon Fibre effect Cover plain 30 pounds

Personalized Cover any color with logo 27 pounds.

You can pm, reply here or email me at dtmlaserengineering@gmail.com.

any questions, please ask.



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