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Engine Stop Leak Additive - Does It Work?


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Do these 'engine stop leak' additives work?

I would never usually contemplate using something like this, but I've a persistant oil leak that appears impossible (without possible engine removal) to solve?

It's coming from the rear of my C20XE Manta. I've replaced the crankshaft oil seal and sump gasket twice. I've even fitted the 'modified sump baffle plate' with the embedded seal but still it drips out from the rear of the sump.

It can only be coming from 1 place... when the the rear big end crankshaft bearing cap is removed a section at the rear of the engine block comes away with it. There is no actual gasket here, just a line of sealer between the two metal surfaces. Its the only place it can be coming from?

Any suggestions and have you used 'stop leak' before?

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