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Gear Lever Gaitor Fit


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sorry guys i have been away too long but i just got my manta back on the road today ... after two years of driving automatics ( in canada and then a toyota supra for the last 6 months over here while the manta was ship-shaped ) i finally realised what ive been missing

anyway when i picked her up the guys had had trouble refitting the gear level gaitor ... and i for the life of me cant work it out and cant remember how it should look when fitted ... it is sat loose in the console but i cant seem to secure it does it fit underneath ... seems like it should fit around the rim of the console but cant seem to make it work or is there another part thats missing

ive searched around and only drummed up this :


any help appreciated thanks !

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if the gaitor is two parts perhaps i am missing the inner one - i removed the console and fitted the gaitor around the top lip on the steel tunnel then fitted the console over which pushes it down ( otherwise it was riding off the steel lip ) ... still looks wrong to me although has eliminated most of the engine noise

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