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Fuel Saver


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Please nothing of that sort will work. If it did, all new cars would have them factory mounted.

Fact is all those products that twirl air, petrol, magnetic stuff, i even saw one that was just something to put in the fuel line no wirering or nothing, is hoaxes, all of them.

They dont work and never will.

If you want better fuel economy you need to change engines to a more fuel efficient one, or give the old one a tune-up. A good adjustment, new plugs and wires can give you a bit extra on the mpg

But other than that we just have to wait untill E85 fuel or E100 fuel becomes available at a reasonable cost. A old CIH is easy to get running on alcohol :)

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Anyone any experience with magnetic fuel savers?

With the price of petrol are they worth a try?

The theory is the fuel burns more efficiently if passed through a strong magnet!

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts?

YES, For a fuel to burn more efficiently it has to go to a refinery to be changed into a higher grade, so why does BP have these huge refineries when they could have simply passed the fuel over a magnet. :thumbup

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