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Back On The Road


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after a 12 year layup the berlinetta is back on the road, i parked it up in 2000, covered it up and that was that, although it was indoors it wasnt the best of storage units as it became damp in winter and this, year after year has taken its toll on the gloss finish but with a bit of tlc has come back to 80% ok, there are a few nasty surface scabs but overall is ok for an original un-restored car, its been a cow to start, fitted a new fuel pump but it would not draw the fuel up so had the tank sender out and blew the system through, cleaned the tank filter, built up and it started with a bit of help from the start-mate, it was then that i noticed water leaking from the water pump, back onto ebay a bought a new pump for £4.50, bargain, also bought cam belt, dizzy belt, thermostat and plug leads, all for well under £20, fitted said items, a couple of cans of fresh fuel and the car purrs like a new one, time for a test drive so grabbed the trade plates and set off on a sunny march day, bliss, the car drove faultlessly, the brakes are fine, the auto box does the job and the exhaust has stood the test of time, i couldnt be happier, there was a very slight weep from the auto box but that seems to have righted itself, the petrol and water temp gauges were slightly high but a whack to the top of the dash and the voltage stablizer has sorted itself out so all in all its cost peanuts to put this car back on the road, who says old opels are crap, thats manta quality :)












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