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Mega Manta Clearout Sale 2 , Xe Stuff Added

Kevin Abbott

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1800 inlet manifold c/w weber 32/34 carb, carb an unknown condition but the bottom plate to inlet and top plate adapter to standard air box worth the price alone £25


GTE large washer bottle c/w pump £5


Mocal sandwich plate with braided oil lines £50




c20xe Elring headgasket set £40



Getrag 265 to c20xe c20 let bellhousing £250

XE stuff to come next and more manta stufff when I go to the unit tomorrow

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hello, i'm in need of a working auxiliary air valve for a 2.0 gte 1984. mine is apparently faulty and i've got cold starting issues.

also in need of locknut off the clutch fork adjuster on five speed, seems to be an unusual size thread- if any one can be of help.

many thanks.

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Paul, i'll add the coupe rear panel you your pile :)

83 GTE, I can sort you an aux air valve, i'll test it beforehand. cold start issues may be fifth injector or seal or poor wiring harness, i'll look for a locknut but they may be on cables

Rob, your pile is nearly as big as Lepo5s, ATE master cylinder sold to you, chrome trim to you too.

More parts to list asap

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many thanks kevin, i'll look into the other possible causes if no joy. are you happy to post an aux valve?, if so just let me know as and when, how much and payment method etc etc. the locknut im after is the pivot end not the cable-sorry didn't make that very clear. cheers.

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