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Yellow Sportshatch

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Looks lovely, shame the wheel arch trims have gone, note the Weber - K&N conversion, same as mine...

I think the GLS trim level on a 1600 is pretty rare.

Seems like a decent price to me, but as always needs a proper looky see & prod, poke feel as piccies can be decieving. I know I have seen pictures of me where I look passably normal ;)


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I thought the GL spec was rarer on the Sportshatches, only ever seen one in that trim but I've seen quite a few 1600 GLS models, and had one for a few years.

This one looks very nice, shame about the wheelarch trims like you said, and it looks to have an aftermarket alarm fitted. If a Cav coupe with a seized engine that's sat for 20 years can make £700 on ebay, he might just get his money for this one!

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I would say that Cav is very nice but there's a very similar one for £2495 on Car & Classic that is still unsold.

Also a yellow Sportshatch on Retro Rides admitedly in not such good condition that is struggling to get offers over £1000.

That Cav coupe with the seized engine in Bristol achieved over the odds on price but a good sale achieved by the seller.

Cars up to £1000 seem to be selling with relative ease at the moment but i think the owner of the Cav will have done well to get any thing above £2000.

However a car is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

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Looks okay going by the pictures ,

Be intresting to see if it makes the asking price ,

(Their might be hope for mine when shes finished)

Where do people get the figures for the amount of cars left ect?


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