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Need A Mechanic Or Good Garage In Newport


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Hi all I'm looking for some advice/ recommendations of garages or mobile mechanics

I need someone/ somewhere that can replace the heat sheild around the turbo/downpipe on a 307 1.4 hdi on a friends car without charging the earth or making up extra jobs that need doing (so no main stealers please).

The back story to this is:

It was suffering a serious lack of power and ended up on a recovery wagon heading up here last month.

I worked out the middle of the cat had broken loose and blocked the exhaust (common fault apparently) as this was a Saturday afternoon and she needed to be back at work Monday I removed the cat, chopped it open emptied it and welded it back up then refitted it.

After all it's a diesel so doesn't need the cat for it's Mot.

The heat shield is silver foil inside with a fabric outer (stupid design) and when I had it off the inside looked a little damaged from friction rubbing against the exhaust. No time to get a replacement and it didn't look like fresh damage so it went back on.

I took it for a long test drive and it had all it's power back (and a bit extra) and all was ok under the bonnet.

It's then driven the 200 miles home and a few hundred miles since without problem.

Last night I get a call that there was smoke and a burning smell from the engine bay. Upon looking the heat shield had been smouldering/ burning. She did admit she had been late and had been thrashing it hard (well as hard as you can in a 1.4hdi) to get somewhere and that was the first time since the repair she had.

So I'm presuming the removal of the cat allowed more gas flow/ better turbo output which caused more heat and the slight damage was a weak point that gave in.

Obviously without seeing it this is just a guess but it's a little far to go to look at it myself.

So if anyone on here's local and fancies helping a young girl out, or knows of a decent garage please let me know. Even if it's just to have a look at it and make sure it's nothing more serious

She doesn't use garages down there as I normally do her MOT and servicing when she visits Yorkshire each year. But she asked the one at the end of the road and they wouldn't do it and told her to take it to the main dealer :(

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