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Cav Mk1 Engine Swap


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Hi all I have a 1600s witch is verry lumpy and slow and thirsy for what it is I think it needs a rebuild just wondering if it's cheaper to convert to another engine? Is there an engine that bolts up to the 4speed box? Was thinking along the lines of a Cav mk2 mk3 2ltr 8v?

Manta 5speed box what's involved?

Any help appreciated thanks

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Yes, there are other engine options available but from this and some of your other posts I'd put substantial money on the problem being the carb. Get that set up right first, when they're running properly they're not bad engines at all. Alright, a 1600 Cav ain't gonna set the world alight, but mine still kept up with motorway traffic happily and would sit at 80mph all day.

The larger cam-in-head engines (1.9 and 2.0) from other mk1 Cavaliers, Mantas and Asconas are a straight swap onto your 4 speed box, otherwise things start getting a bit expensive. The Cav mk2/mk3 2.0 engine was only ever fitted in FWD cars so you'd need the alloy sump from a Manta 1800, one member just sold his on ebay for £360. You'd also need a Manta 1800 gearbox, which are expensive and hard to find, Manta 5 speed propshaft, either cut the transmission tunnel out or buy a shortened gear lever assembly from Paul Newport so the lever comes out in the right place, and make up your own gearbox rear crossmember to accomodate the longer 5 speed box.

I reckon you should be able to get your Weber set up and running really nicely for less money than an 1800 Manta box would cost you these days. The engines themselves are virtually bomb-proof unless you're thrashing them on the track!

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