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Manta Gsi Hatch 1985

gsi marc

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Decided its time to move on my long term project, Its a 1985 manta hatch in black, Massive amount of work allready done including, All welding complete, re sprayed 12 months ago inside and out in gloss black, Loads of new parts including full brake lines, fuel pump, Fully treated underside, Good alloys with tyres, Interior is sound with no tears, Custom centre consol with fitted car entertainment system including dvd player, Screen, sat nav, all touch screen, Now for the bad bit, Fuel tank has a slight leek, Noticed this recently as ive been getting it ready for mot, Could do with new door hinge pins as thers some play, Engine starts first turn and doesnt smoke and sounds sweet, Driven car round block where i live and it drives straight and brakes are sound, ( new front callipers ) Some parts included ie, manta 400 bonnet that needs work, 2 front bumpers, new exhaust front section, 2 spare bottom arms, airflow metres, and some other bits and bobs, This is not a show car but looks outstanding and would be ideal for someone whos running a tatty or rusty hatch with a good fuel tank wanting £600 no offers, sure first person who sees it will have it, Just cant afford to keep on with it thanks ,,,marc (Will take and upload pics if anyones intrested)

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