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Cih Parts And A Bronze Tint Windscreen...


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Hi everyone, I need a few bits to finish my GT/E.

It's got a big valve head with the 2.2 CIH valves in it, I need a set of inlets and I can't find any anywhere. Failing that if anyone has a standard cylinder head just so I can get it running that would be good. I'd rather not have a complete engine as last time I ran the car I'd just rebuilt the bottom end so it would be good to make use of it. If that's all there is though I'll settle for it.

Some months ago vandals smashed my front windscreen, it's the type with the brown/bronze tint and the sun strip at the top. I have a spare seal.

I've joined the club again recently so I should be a member but won't have my OMOC number until I return to my other address in the South West to collect it.

Any help would be much appreciated, I'm located anywhere between Oxfordshire and Somerset, and the surrounding areas.


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Im not sure on price but these guys do a lot of opel bits


and they speak english as i recently got some pistons from them. the prices are swedish krona so you might need to convert.

Or German ebay

or very expensive http://www.risse-motorsport.de/

Just use google chrome and it will do the conversion for you.

Or try http://www.vauxhall-car-parts.co.uk/ you will have to call them as they dont have all the bits listed on the website, but i spoke to mike and if you tell him its a CIH he might be able to cross ref the vauxhall part with the opel as he said they have all the opel numbers.

I think those valves (depending on size) were used in a few of the vauxhall CIH engines.

http://www.vauxhall-...Head_bolts.html (not sure if these are the same?)

hope this helps a bit.


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Thanks Andy, I'll check those out. I did actually find some on Risse previously but I tend to disregard them on account of being outrageously priced.

I'm happy to come over to Swansea sometime in the next few weeks if that's where you are Spiney Norman, I haven't been back there since uni! Plus if I see Dinsdale about I'll let you know ;)

Cheers guys, Tom.

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Valve sizes for the 2.2/2.4 are 45 inlet 40 exhaust with a 9mm stem and they fit into the 2.0 heads with the valve seats re cut. REC valves were about 16-18 quid a piece for 214N stainless whatever the size.

Doveyte2800 did REC supply valve guides for the 8mm stem valves?



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