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Bike Carbs


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I have them attached to my 2.2

Still not got them set up correctly yet tho. No idea what power and economy is like, as not driven it very far (its not MOT'ed yet)

Had the manifold made by bogg bros, and they said they had never done a cih before. Were a pain in the arse to fit due to the manifold design. You'll need to split the carbs in order to have equal length runners. Use an r1 fuel pump rather than a different pump and regulator. Works a lot better.


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Manifold was about 170 + vat I thInk. You'd prob need to send a gasket to them so the base plate matches as the 2.2 has higher ports than the 2.0.

Was almost 3 month wait when I ordered mine. They are busy folks!

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If your car is only mildly modded they will prob be ok, they are meant to be a bit better on fuel than sidedraughts but u do still have on carb per cylinder so they will sup the juice a bit!! I contacted Bogg Bros 4 years, ish, ago about using bike carbs on the race motors. Basically i gacve them the carb and choke sizes and they said the only thing antwhere near close were off a Thunderace V twin and i needed 2 bikes worth of carbs that wouldnt make it cheap. In the end they reckoned it prob wasn't worth the risk of trying to put them on, just go the tried n tested route. I have heard that they can be a bitch to set up as they are designed to work at high revs not low down like cars need them to. They prob work better on 16v motors as the characteristics of the engine are closer to a bike than the CIH but thats just my personal opinion.

If it was me i wouldnt bother with the bike carbs, id save up n get a proper throttle body set up with megasquirt system to control it.



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