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Rear Seat Belt Removal


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How the blinkety flip do you remove the rear seat betls on an '86 Exclusive Coupe? I've undone all the bolts/nuts but cannot see for the life of me how the belt with the buckles etc passes through the small slit in the body work. Do you have to disassemble the release/locking mechanism and release the belt at that end?

Cheers, Mark

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You unbolt the belt from the lower end behind the rear seat bottom and then it goes through the hole in the sides of the rear shelf. You have to 'pop' the black oval surround up and out of the shelf and then feed that back down the slit in the bodywork, followed by the belt buckle and finally the metal end where the belt bolts onto the part behind the seat.

That bolt is normally very very tight and may even tear out the mounting plate if there is any rot around it!

Any typos? Blame apple!!

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