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What The Hell Was This Guy Thinking!

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lol, a lot of fuss considering all that would need doing is the wheel centres painted body colour or black and the steering wheel changing... then imho it would be a decentish looking car if you are into wide arched mantas.

The main question is, "If it was white would you be saying the same thing?"

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I'm evidently not a trained eye when it comes to mantas! To me (looking past the rubbish colour, yellow wheels and steering wheel) it just looks like a 400kit manta with a few changes here and there (like the scalloped rear arches) nothing major.

I don't like it at all either, but am struggling to see all the bits that make it an abomination if it was put side by side with a normal 400...

edit: just read that it has a 24v engine... I now see why you are probably up in arms, not a cosmetic difference but a perversion of the point of a manta 400 by putting a boat anchor in it.

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