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Flywheel, Steel Torque Tube Or 4Ha

Jason b

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I apologise as this is a bit of a "feeler" thread. I am about to pull the 2.5L straight 6 out of the car this weekend and do not yet know what clutch and flywheel will be fitted to it.

I thought I might put an ad up to see if anyone has any decent CIH flywheels kicking about. I have a dual mass one from a senator and whatever was fitted to the 2.5L engine by the previous owner, but no ideas other than that. So just in case I thought I would see if anyone had a manta or monza flywheel going spare to keep my options open for when I split the engine from the bellhousing later this week!

I am also possibly after a steel torque tube as I have heard they are stronger... and I feel the C30NE might be a bit torquey for the standard one! Though realistically I'd like to switch to a salisbury axle so if you have an SE6 4ha lying about then that would be even better!!

Any suggestions for what clutch setup to use from people who have done CIH 6pot swaps before are gratefully accepted. I have a few ideas, but more are always welcome!



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