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400R Almost Complete.


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Have pretty much finished my 400R - yet another white one in Ireland though I'm afraid.

Anyway started off with the cleanest Manta coupe I could find (or have even seen tbh) about two years ago. Had her pretty much taken back to bare metal then fitted a second user kit. Kit needed a lot of work so that part probably took the longest. When I bought the car it had already had been polybushed at the front, had a quick rack & brake bias box fitted. Since then I have redtopped it. Jobs left are to fit power steering & upgrade the fuse box to newer type. It was originally brown interior so need to get a good dye to change what's original to black or grey.

Anyway some pics:













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I'll keep them for you m8 - I sprayed them black but it's almost all worn off already so shouldn't be hard to clean rest off. I have window winders & door handles as well as maybe grab handles in brown. I have all in grey just a matter of getting time to swap them round.

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Just a wee pic of car as it was before the transformation. Was just back from getting rear arches tubbed so lined the kit up to it.

As can be seen although it was a very solid Manta it was never one of the prettiest although I do have to say I haven't seen one that colour before or since, well deffinately not in coupe form.


And under the bonnet:


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brill lookin car! driving it every day? lol

if you end up swopping the intrere(sorry for the spelling) give me a shout as i need a brown window winder and a coupe of other bits

Have swapped the interior bits Adz & have the following left, all in tan/brown.

Two x window winders. One is missiing the rotating knob. I sprayed them black but it's peeling off. Should be able to clean them up easily enough.

Two rear passenger grab loops.

Two x interior door opening handles

1 x rear view mirror.

Let me know what you need & I'll get them off to you.

(Don't want anything for them them).

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