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1985 Gsi Hatch New Buy - Might Even Inspire Me To Get The Coupe Done!


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Well I'm back! Not that I really went anywhere since I remained a club member and still attended Billing for the last few years, but I'm back in the sense that I'm going to be a lot more active on the Manta front.

Now that the whole divorce / house move / bankruptcy / new business / get married again thing is done and dusted, and having been somewhat inspired by the Manta wedding car when I got married last month I REALLY wanted a Manta back on the road, trouble was my long term coupe project is a million miles from being done - and last Wednesday I read this advert;


Looked promising, I kind of remembered reading the thread of the car being built, and now I'm a full time car dealer I can smell a bargain a mile off lol. Got in touch with the seller Marc, agreed to buy it and collect the following Saturday.

Off I went Saturday morning to Wakefield with trusty a frame all exited at buying another Manta. Marc turned out to be a lovely bloke and the car loads better than I expected, every bit the bargain I suspected!



Obviously it needed a few small bits for the MOT but I was confident enough to book it in for it's test - I rang the testing station from the M62 on the way back lol. Spent an hour checking the car over when I got back to the unit, sorted a few bits I found then straight down to the MOT station, first time I'd driven the car. Drove really well considering it was straight out of a rebuild. There was no sign of the advertised fuel leak but there was only a thimbleful in it, so I bunged a can full in the boot figuring I'd drip a bit more in just to get it through the test and play later.





MOT in progress.....And the MOT test result??? Passed!!! Rear brakes a bit marginal but OK, just needed a bleed ;o)

Mr MOT man really enjoyed testing the car - and I had to let him have a go in round the block afterwards....

Zipped round to the post office after putting the can of juice in (still no sign of the leak) to tax it up and job done, Manta on the road.

Got bold on the way back and shoved another £10 of fuel in then went playing out with a Manta buddy - still no leaks and it goes like a stabbed rat. 20 miles later and it's misfiring and backfiring, rev counter all over the gaff, experience lead me straight to the coil connections sure enough old and duff - all sorted after 10 minutes. Done another 80 miles since then and still no sign of this fuel leak. If it does develop I have a good hatch tank buried in the parts stash ;o)

So her she is all tested and taxed;




Proper good nick inside


Quality stereo / sat nav system



What next then? Well I have a rough list of improvements to make

Front drop glass is clear when it should be bronze, and it's from a Coupe too so wind noise on the motorway is unbearable - I have the correct glass in the stash

Washer bottle is a temporary MOT lash up, needs the proper thing

Crying out for a set of quad lights

Marc's made his own decals but I'm thinking it needs a set of proper ones

Bigger wheels


Drop that back end down to match the front

Sort out matching key for ignition / fuel cap / tailgate - 3 different plus the high security door locks is driving me nuts

New tailgate struts

Fit a clock

Rear belts so the kids can come out

Big front brakes - it has new standard calipers but they fade away when used in anger

I have most of the parts I need stashed away, just need to source the rear belts and some better wheels, and those decals.

But really the ultimate aim of it all is to inspire me to get the Coupe finished lol

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Its like a love story all over again, im filling up here... i could almost cry! Lovely looking Manta and glad to see you back. Theres nothing better than slapping it in for MOT, passing, then hurling some tax to go and play... :D

Oh and I too have A-framed many a Manta with a mk3 mondeo! hehe

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