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Manta's On Gumtree


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currently there are seven Manta's for sale on Gumtree -

1.8 Hatch, Cruden Bay, Scotland, looks tidy for a grand


GTE hatch, Walthamchase, Southampton, ( now i thought Waltham Chase was in Essex unless there is one in/near Southampton)


X-reg B Series, Randalstown, Co Antrim, unusual colour


GTE Hatch, another one in Ireland, Londonderry, needs work but also available two spare shells! how you'd move all of them.... studing one of the pictures it may be a non-sunroof Manta,bonus!


1.8 Hatch GT, un-common colour, Orient Blue (petrol green!) 58K, £1800, providing its not hiding rot looks OK for the money.


1.8 Hatch, Carlisle, Belongs to a Club member, (sorry for not remembering who!) again, dont think you could go wrong with this one.


1982 B Series HATCH, thats unusual, another one from Co Antirm, Ballynahinch, 51K, wants a grand, needs work, but if wanted something different Manta wise..


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Going to have a look at the one in Cruden Bay as it is practically in my back yard, looks to have had a problem with the sunroof, this car has been known to me for a while but had only recently surfaced again, as i could not track it down first time.

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