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Hi Folks,

I'm Martyn from North east Scotland.

I'm planning to buy a 70's or 80's classic this year and I'm leaning towards a Manta for sentimental reasons, I always loved them as a kid, a few of my older mates had Mantas or Cavy Coupés in the late 80's.

I currently own an Impreza RB5 which I hope will be a future classic :)

Myself and my 2 brothers in law have been talking about getting cars for a while now, imagine my surprise when one of them appeared at my door last weekend in a bright orange '79 Capri 3.0s :D

Anyway, I'm not too clued up about Mantas so I thought I'd join up here and find a bit more about them.


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Manta is a good choice mate, more exclusive than the Capri I would say. I live in Essex, and there are still Capri's everywhere, reckon I see at least one most days. I haven't seen another Manta in Essex on the road in 2 years.

There are quite a few Manta owners in Scotland on here, I'm sure they'll drop replies themselves. Do you know what model you're after, A or B series, or the later GTE or Exclusive models, often refered to as the C series?

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Hi Smiffy, I love the B series, that would be my ideal choice but I've just noticed a 1986 GT sport (I guess this would count as a C series?) for sale very close to me.

It's at a decent price and because it's local it would be very handy for me so my Manta ownership may come sooner than I was expecting :D

I'm going to enquire about it today.

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Welcome to the site martyn

where in the n/e are you? i'm in stonehaven and have a b series (manta sr hb auto) been stored for 20 years, away to start working on her soon.also have a mk 1 cavalier 2.0 sports hatch cavalier and two mk 2 cavaliers one being a rare sr model.

Good luck with your search cant wait to get mine on the road very soon.


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Cheers for the warm welcome!

Adam - To be honest I'm not too fussed what style I go for, I like 'em all.

Andy - I'm from Turriff, thas quite a collection you've got mate! I live on a farm and we scrapped 3 mk2 cavys last year that had been sitting rusting away. There's still one left though, I'm sure it's an SR or SRI.

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