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Belate Hello To One And All......

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HI, I bought a Vauxhall Sports Hatch 2000 GLS last August. It's in lovely condition and a great drive and gets many discerning looks when driving or parked up. I bout it from a former OMOC member, who bought it from the same. If someone can tell me how to load up a photo, I'll post one up to show off of course, but also if she is know, some information about the car. The Cav is original, save replacement weber carb fitted. Extras are ATS wheels and rear screen wiper.

I Got some questions too and would gladly receive some advice on:

1. The heater blows luke warm. Coolant is topped up and the hot cold lever moves when looking into the engine bay. Any ideas?

2. Also, I taped the middle box up and want to replace the exhaust system. Any recommendations for stainless steel.

3. The tyres are 165s. Would it be ok to fit 185s to the rear until I can afford another set. Of 185?

4. Would like to fit 5 speed box sometime. Ae there any GM 5 Leeds that are an easy fit? Would the dif or prop need to be changed?

Many thanks.

Jim (North Kent)

Excuse the typos. Thanks. Jim

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Hi Jim,

With regard to the heater - check that the pipes to it haven't been cut, blocked off and joined back together. Sounds daft but a previous owner of one of mine had done just that when the heater matrix started leaking! If all if in tact, try flushing the cooling system - in doing so, detach the top heater hose and flush the matrix with a hosepipe (taking care not to get seen by the neighbours to avoid the £1K fine).

If you replace the middle box with a standard aftremarket system, take care to get the one for the hatch and not the coupe - they're different. The part number for a Bosal centre box for a hatch is 185-813.

To change to a 5 speed box, I think you need to modify the tunnel and you will need to source a centre console from a later Manta (not hard to find, however depends on the colour of your Cav interior).

Hope this helps.


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Hi Jim, welcome to the Manta (and Cavalier and various assorted related cars!!!) website, as for your issues -

1 - if the pipework to the heater matrix is OK then the matrix itself is probably blocked, had this before, the matrix was totally solid with red/brown gunk. other than this,does the engine warm up? in other words if the thermostat is stuck open then the coolant might not be getting that warm.

2 - got a stainless system from Topgear in Aylesbury, they build the systems onto the car which they need for at least a day, the bloke who builds the systems has been doing them for thirty years and really knows his 'stuff' and does a good job, many local classic owners have taken thier cars there, he even owned a couple of Manta's in his time,the exhaust systems are not cheep, far from it,around £600 for a Manta/Cavalier but if you plan on keeping the car long term then it's worth it, i've had one put on my Manta hatch. here's a link to thier website -


3 - not sure about the tire sizes, probably would but consult someone with more knowledge on this one

4 - A later Manta getrag 5 speed box will bolt to your engine, you will need to alter the transmition tunnel for the mounting points and gearstick hole and you will need a 5 speed propshaft and centre consell trim from a Later Manta (earlier Manta's had a four speed box like the Cavalier)

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Hi mate and welcome. Not too far from you, just over the river in East Essex. Mine has a four speed box in it still as all original. Do you have to change the box, is there something wrong with the four speed? I find it does ok on the four speed and is comfortable still at 70. Much over that and I'd be reaching for 5th granted, but I don't tend to push it hard.

You say it has the ATS rims on it? If they're the standard size original ATS rims (6j x13) from the SR Berlinetta manta's, then mine has 185/70/13's on it with no problem. You should be fine with this.

I'd try the thermostat 1st as Ian says to see if that helps the heater problem, then go from there.

Is it on the road yet? If you ever want to pop across in Essex with it, happy to meet up sometime.

Would like to see some piccies. There is a thread on here about how to load piccies. You'll need to upload to a hosting site like photobucket.com first, then post the IMG code onto your post. It should then appear in your preview.


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Couldn't work out who Diplomat was, then i worked it out, Diplomat is not a user name, everyone gets a ranking based on among other things the number of post the user has made on the webite, the rankings are given names of Opel cars starting from the humble Kadette and through various Opels like Reckord, Commodore, Diplomat etc

As for the heater Matrix, it's not as scary as it might seem, to remove it take off the pipes, the sound deadening and cover and it slides out, depending on what type of carb you have may need to disconnect part of the throatle linkage to let it slide out, you'll know if it's blocked full of crud as you take it out because if it is it wieghs the same as a brick!!!

as for the 5 speed conversion, what do you want to use the car for, if you are only going to cars shows and sunday pub lunches then it would probably not be worth the effort, but if you are going to use the car on longer journeys regulary then not having a 'cruzing' gear could become a pain

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Manta man, thanks and sorry. I think from the threads, I'm gonna put the 5 speed on the back burner for sure. Thanks too for the advice re the heater matrix. I thought I might have to take out the dash like in my old sd1.

Hi Dave, a link up would be great. There is nothing wrong with the engine or box. It's only done 78 thou and it's clean as a whistle so I guess I'll leave the 5 speed for a while. Priority is exhaust. The ATS are original 13s. Can I put 185s on the back and leave the 165s on the front until until funds allow a second pair of 185s.

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