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Carburettor Problem


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Hello all.

My manta 19.s seems to be having carburettor trouble, Its been missing a little when cold for the past two or three times I have used it. yesterday when I started it it ran o.k for a few mins then started missing / spluttering and eventually stopped altogther. I cannot start it now. I have got spark and petrol is reaching the carburettor,I have tried

it many times and it just fires very briefly now and then. the plugs are totally dry so I guess its not flooded. Sorry for being so long winded trying to give enough information. Its a Zenith with automatic choke. should I get it rebuilt, any advice appreciated. any reccomendation as to who rebuilds / repairs same please. are there common problems with these units ?.


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does sound like you are not getting any fuel into the engine, take the fuel pipe off the carb, put the end in a bottle and crank the engine, make sure the fuel pumps out, if it does then you might have dirt in your carb blocking things up.

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